All American Crane & Rigging is your local, Tallahassee-based North Florida crane company serving Florida’s panhandle. We are proud to offer professional and innovative crane and rigging solutions for your projects. We own a wide selection of types and sizes of cranes and operate them with the mindset that we will get the job done. Our team consists of CIC certified operators and certified riggers to service you!


Heavy duty crane rental; Operated and maintained crane service; Rigging; Certified Riggers; Heavy Hauling; Heavy equipment rental; Boom lift rental; Lift trucks; Boom trucks; Crane business; Certified heavy equipment operators; Certified heavy machine operator; Set steel; Set trusses; Set beams; Set materials; Set red iron; Set red iron beams; HVAC unit setting; Set heating and cooling units condensers and compressors; Place shed; Lift sheds; Move storage container; Set light poles; Set flag poles; lift and set hot tubs and swimming pools; landscaping rock placement; loading or off loading machinery; boat lifting; marine industry; Heavy lifts; Residential & commercial construction; Building erection; General Contractors; Marine; Heavy Hauling; Underground utilities; Specialized rigging; Masonry or block setting; house moving; house setting; post and pillars placement and I’m sure plenty more that we can rig and lift.