North Florida Crane and Heavy Rigging Experts!

Crane rentals in N Fla available to you. We send the crane or equipment with qualified operators on monthly, weekly or daily rate plans.

Check out some of our available equipment below.

Click on the crane make/model which will lead you to specifications and load charts.

GROVE RT860 60Ton Rough Terrain Crane

This Grove RT860 is a rough terrain crane for uneven rough terrain construction sites needing crane contractor services.

GROVE GMK-5120 120 Ton Mobile Crane

This crane for contract daily, weekly or monthly crane rental service in North Florida Panhandle area

LINK-BELT HTC-8670 – 70 Ton Crane

This mobile crane can be rented as a 50 ton, 60 ton, or a 70 ton crane. We will supply the extra counter weights as needed to safely perform your lift, lifts or rigging projects.

TEREX T340 – 40 Ton Mobile Truck Crane

This mobile crane is available for contract, subcontracting, crane rental.

GROVE AT422 – 22 Ton All Terrain Crane 4×4

We have three of these little highly maneuverable twenty-two ton cranes. They are four wheel drive, four wheel steering, they turn on a dime and crawn places no other will. These cranes perform well for setting spas, hot tubs, air conditioners, swimming pool shells, mechanical type work and heavy industry needs.

MANITOWOK MLC100-1 – 100 Ton Crawler Crane